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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies

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    Dept. of History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies

Dept. of History, Philosophy, Religion, & Legal Studies
Dr. Scott Davison, Department Chair
Rhonda Crisp,
Academic Departmental Specialist
354 Rader Hall
Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: 606-783-2655
Fax: 606-783-5096

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Alana Scott

Faculty Profile

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Scott, Alana Cain, Associate Professor of History
Degrees, Licensures and Certifications: Ph.D., History, Florida State University, 1999; M.A., History, Florida State University, 1991; B.A., History/English, University of Montevallo, 1987
Research Interests:

Nonconformity in 17th Century England
The Religious Context of the English Revolution
The French Revolution

Global Studies (HIS 201)
Early World History (HIS 210)
Practicing History (HIS 250)
History of England to 1660 (HIS 351)
History of England from 1660 (HIS 352)
Medieval Europe (HIS 356)
Renaissance and Reformation (HIS 357)
History of the Middle East (HIS 374)
Women in the Ancient World (HIS 399)
Celtic Cultures (HIS 399)
British Imperialism (HIS 599)
The Ancient World (HIS 599)
Age of Faith (HON 102)
Age of Reason (HON 201) 

Service Activities
Chair, Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee
Treasurer, Kentucky Association of Teachers of History
Registration Advising Committee
University Press of Kentucky Editorial Board
Coordinator, MAT in Social Studies

Phi Kappa Phi
American Society of church History
Southern Conference of British Studies
Phi Alpha Theta

Selected Publications  

"Oliver Cromwell," The Encyclopedia of Protestantism

Contact Info:
337 Rader Hall 
Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: 606.783.2540
Mark Haynes
 "As time has gone on, I am ever more convinced that the grounding I received in philosophy has been the single most important element of my schooling. It has helped me to be a more critical examiner of all of the multi-leveled and often cynically conceived stuff that comes my way in Washington; it has helped me to maintain my moral compass; it has helped to give me a perspective and a sense of humor that might not otherwise be there."

--Mark Haynes, President, Concordia Power

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