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English Graduate Program

Program Info

The Masters of Arts in English at Morehead State University offers students a comprehensive overview of advanced literary study as well as courses in creative and technical writing and linguistics. The 33-hour program offers both thesis and non-thesis options as well as a full array of Internet courses in all the major areas of English Studies. Morehead is one of the few accredited schools in the nation to offer a Master’s degree in English completely online, and it is the first in the region to fully support a virtual learning environment. Students who pursue their degree at Morehead State are offered both the flexibility of a self-paced distance learning program that is based on an adult model of education and the dynamic interaction between people in a traditional classroom setting.

The department maintains a graduate English faculty of 16, holding terminal degrees from a number of leading universities throughout the country. The size of the program assures careful, personal attention to student progress toward the M.A. degree and into a job search or post-graduate work upon completion of the program. 

Online Option:

As a regional institution serving a geographically isolated region, MSU has long made an investment in various forms of Distance Learning and currently offers a number of programs, including the Master of Arts in English, entirely online. Like our traditional program, the online program offers students a solid background in English language and literature, and it includes thesis and non-thesis options. The only difference between the degrees lies in method of delivery. Students who take courses online are offered the flexibility of a virtual environment. [A student in the on-line program may include some face-to-face classes when feasible.]

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Master of Arts - English

A degree in English prepares students for fields in which expert writing and reading skills are valued, such as Creative Arts, Law, Public Relations, and Publishing.

English Graduate Program
(Students with Catalog Years pre-2013 follow this link: Pre-2013 Program Requirements)
For Admission Requirements, see “Applying to the Program”
The Master of Arts degree in English provides a comprehensive overview of the practice of contemporary literary studies by training students in the advanced research methods used to analyze language and literature. The flexible degree program, which includes a fully online option, is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of degree candidates, as it serves students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. as well as returning teachers seeking professional certification and those interested in careers in publishing or related fields.
Requirements for Admission:

1. General admission to graduate study.
2. Completion of an undergraduate major or minor in English.
3. A minimum GPA of 3.0 on all undergraduate English courses above the freshman level, to have included 12 credits of upper division English and American literature courses.
4. A minimum score of 146 on the verbal and 140 on the quantitative sections of the GRE.

Requirements for the Degree:

1. Satisfy general degree requirements.
2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in all English courses; a maximum of two C's will be accepted for credit toward the degree.
3. Satisfactory performance on the M.A. in English examination. (No student may take the exam more than twice.)
4. A minimum of 33 graduate hours, with at least 27 hours in English and no more than six hours in one other field. The 27 graduate hours in English are to include the following minimum requirements: three hours in major author coursework, three hours in writing, three hours in linguistics, and 12 hours in literature, with at least three hours in British and three hours in American literature. Only three hours of ENG 676 may count toward the completion of the M.A. program in English.
5. Thesis option: in place of two elective graduate courses, students may complete a thesis (six hours) and an oral defense.

Outline of Required Courses

Required Core Sem. Hrs.
Major Author – Choose three-hours from list below:
ENG 634 -- Chaucer
ENG 635 – Topics in Shakespeare
ENG 636 – Major American Author
ENG 637 – Major British Author
ENG 638 – Milton                                                            3

Writing - Choose three-hours from list below:
ENG 608 — Morehead Writing Project Summer Institute I
ENG 609 — Morehead Writing Project Summer Institute II
ENG 612 — Theories of Teaching Writing
ENG 683 — Advanced Poetry Writing
ENG 684 — Advanced Fiction Writing
ENG 690 — Technical Writing                                         3

Linguistics - Choose three-hours from list below:
ENG 601 — Semantics
ENG 604 — Linguistics: Grammar
ENG 680 — English Syntax
ENG 685 — Psycholinguistics
ENG 697 — Sociolinguistics                                             3

American Literature - Choose three-hours from list below:
ENG 619 — American Renaissance
ENG 620 — American Poetry
ENG 622 — American Novels
ENG 624 — American Literature in Perspective
ENG 636 – Major American Author
ENG 661 — Studies in American Literary Periods
ENG 663 — American Fiction                                         3

British Literature - Choose three-hours from list below:
ENG 630 — Topics in British Literature
ENG 632 — The English Novel
ENG 633 — Old English Literature
ENG 634 — Chaucer
ENG 635 — Topics in Shakespeare
ENG 637 – Major British Author
ENG 638 — Milton
ENG 645 — Renaissance Literature
ENG 647 — Restoration and Eighteenth Century British Literature
ENG 648 — Romantic Period
ENG 650 — Victorian Period
ENG 652 — Twentieth Century British Literature           3

Additional Literature - Choose six-hours from list below:
ENG 619, ENG 620, ENG 622, ENG 624,
ENG 628, ENG 632, ENG 633, ENG 634,
ENG 635, ENG 638, ENG 645, ENG 647,
ENG 648, ENG 650, ENG 652, ENG 653,
ENG 661, ENG 663, ENG 666 or ENG 670                   6

Six hours from ENG 6
Complete one of the following groups:
ENG 699 — Thesis or                                                   6
Six-hours from any department                                     6
Total Required                                                               33



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